Colorado Supreme Court

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

Promoting Professionalism. Protecting the Public.

Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law in Colorado


Rule 202

Rule 202.1    Supreme Court Jurisdiction

Rule 202.2    Supreme Court Advisory Committee

Rule 202.3    Board of Law Examiners (Law Committee and Character and Fitness Committee)

Rule 202.4    Attorney Regulation Counsel

Rule 202.5    Immunity

Rule 203 Colorado License to Practice Law

Rule 203.1   General Provisions

Rule 203.2   Admission on Motion By Qualified Out-of-State Attorneys

Rule 203.3   Admission on Motion Based Upon UBE Score Transfer

Rule 203.4   Admission by Colorado Bar Examination

Rule 204 Certifications/Limited Admissions to Practice Law

Rule 204.1   Single-Client Counsel Certification

Rule 204.2   Foreign Legal Consultant Certification

Rule 204.3   Judge Advocate Certification

Rule 204.4   Military Spouse Certification

Rule 204.5   Law Professor Certification

Rule 204.6   ProBono Counsel Certification

Rule 205 Other Authorizations to Practice Law

Rule 205.1   Temporary Practice by Out-of-State Attorney — Conditions to Practice

Rule 205.2   Temporary Practice by Foreign Attorney — Conditions to Practice

Rule 205.3   Pro Hac Vice Authority — Before State Courts

Rule 205.4   Pro Hac Vice Authority — Before State Agencies

Rule 205.5   Pro Hac Vice Authority — Foreign Attorney

Rule 205.6   Practice Pending Admission

Rule 205.7   Law Student Practice

Rule 206 (Reserved)

[There is no Rule 206.]

Rule 207 (Reserved)

[There is no Rule 207.]

Rule 208 Character and Fitness Determination

Rule 208.1   Character and Fitness Investigation

Rule 208.2   Character and Fitness General Requirements

Rule 208.3   Review of Applications

Rule 208.4   Inquiry Panel Review

Rule 208.5   Inquiry Panel Findings

Rule 209 Formal Hearing

Rule 209.1   Request for Hearing

Rule 209.2   Hearing Board

Rule 209.3   Pre-Hearing Matters

Rule 209.4   Hearing

Rule 209.5   Post-Hearing Procedures

Rule 210 Revocation of License

Rule 210.1   General Provisions

Rule 210.2   Revocation Proceedings

Rule 211 Other Provisions

Rule 211.1   Access to Information Concerning Proceedings Under These Rules

Rule 211.2   Reapplication for Admission

Rule 211.3   Oath of Admission

Rule 212 Plenary Power of the Supreme Court

Rule 212   Plenary Power of the Supreme Court