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Requests for Changes in Seating

Exam seating will be assigned based upon the information designated in your application for right/left handed and desired method (writing/computer) for completion of the Essay/PT. Please review your application account and pay particular attention to the seating preferences assigned to you. If there is an error in your seating preferences or you wish to request a change to your seating, you must notify the office in writing no later than June 24, 2016. To ensure prompt and accurate seating changes, please use the message center from within your application account portal.

The Office of Attorney Admissions recognizes that last minute complications with computer equipment or software compatibility may arise. Therefore, while not guaranteed, this office will attempt to accommodate change requests from the computer section to the writing section only until June 29, 2016. However, because changes become more difficult to accommodate after seat assignments have been finalized, requests received after June 29, 2016 may be denied.

If you registered for computer but find it necessary to handwrite the Essay/PT after the deadline for change requests has passed, contact the Office of Attorney Admissions and you will be accommodated with answer sheets for writing but your seat assignment will remain within the computer room. All change requests must be made in writing, using the communication link from within your application account portal.