Winter 2014
Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Rice'Nothing About It Didn't Excite Me to My Bones'
New Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Rice wants to educate the public about the legal system she fell in love with as a girl.

11 Tips to Protect Client Info in the Digital Age
Implementing these measures can help address your ethical obligations in the cyberspace era.

Know When to Hold 'Em, Know When to Fold 'Em
Clearly communicate when representation begins and ends to avoid the perils of the attorney-client relationship.

Bouncing Back From Tough Times
Lawyers who develop resiliency are better able to bounce back from stressful, and even traumatic, situations.

Q&A with the Director of Examinations
Susan Gleeson discusses the test's evolution, stuffed animal mascots and other things she's seen in her three decades administering the Colorado Bar Exam.

Moral Requirements Clarified for Bar Applicants
The Character & Fitness Admission Guidelines illuminate how applications are assessed for moral and ethical qualifications.

Help Stop the Unauthorized Practice of Law
Lawyers reporting unlicensed practitioners can reduce harm done to the public and the courts.

Registration and CLE Deadlines are Approaching
The Office of Attorney Registration also announces changes to CLE accreditation forms.

Practice Monitor Program Offered
The CLE course teaches attorneys how to help fellow lawyers who have violated the rules of professional conduct.

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