Important Dates

April 23  Mandatory Professionalism Course (video)

April 30  Last day to pay and register for 2014 to avoid summary suspension proceedings

May 1  
Filing deadline for July 2014 bar exam

May 1  Summary suspensions issues for attorneys not registered for 2014

May 9  
February 2014 exam results posted

May 13  Mandatory Practicing with Professionalism course (live)

May 14  Mandatory Practicing with Professionalism course (live)

May 20  Mandatory Practicing with Professionalism course (live)

May 23  Mandatory Practicing with Professionalism course (live)

May 27  Admissions ceremony

May 31  CLE make-up plan submission deadline

May 31  Late filing deadline for July 2014 bar exam

June 5  Hearing on proposed changes to Rule 1.15 about trust accounts

June 15   Last day to report CLE courses taken to complete a make-up plan

June 17  Registration deadline for Aug. 9 MPRE test

June 24  Mandatory Practicing with Professionalism course (video)

July 3  Late registration deadline for Aug. 9 MPRE test

July 29-30  July 2014 bar exam

Aug. 9  MPRE test

CLEs/Office Presentations
(OARC presenter in parentheses)

April 25  Denver District Attorneys' training (James Coyle)

April 25  Family Spring Update (Amy Devan and Katrin Miller Rothgery)

April 25  How to Manage a Small Law Firm (video replay)

April 29  Settlement and Mediation Best Practices: Avoiding Pitfalls and Malpractice

April 30  Ethics, Technology and Small Firms

May 3  Panel discussion of Uniform Bar Examination at National Conference of Bar Examiners conference in Seattle (James Coyle)

May 8  7th Judicial District Karl Ranous Awards Dinner in Gunnison (James Coyle)

May 16  Evidence Practicum for Family Lawyers

May 16  Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training Presentation (James Coyle)

May 19  Mesa County Bar Association in Grand Junction (James Coyle)
May 20  Southwest Colorado Bar Association in Durango (James Coyle)
June 4  Colorado State Public Defender conference (James Coyle)

June 26  Dealing with Clients with Diminished Capacity: Rule 1.14 and Beyond (Katrin Miller Rothgery)

Spring 2014

Lawyers Get Green Light on Assisting Pot Clients

The Colorado Supreme Court has adopted a new comment to Rule 1.2 making clear that attorneys can counsel clients on issues related to marijuana.

Confidentiality of Judicial Disciplinary Proceedings Explained
The recent public censure and resignation of a county judge put the Commission on Judicial Discipline in the spotlight.

Trust Account Rule Change Recommended
Proposed revisions are intended to clarify Rule 1.15. The Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the proposal in June.

Handling Clients with Diminished Capacity
As the population grows older, it's not just elderly law practitioners who run into this issue. Here's what you need to know about the rules.

To Share or Not to Share?
Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the legal system. Keeping personal secrets, however, big or small, can threaten your mental and physical health. Your Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program can help.

A Rite of Passage
Five Colorado Supreme Court Justices share their experiences taking the bar exam.

Online Process Streamlines Applications
A new attorney admissions system expedites the character and fitness review process.

OARC's Redesigned Annual Report Released
The new 2013 report is intended to give a more global assessment of how the office regulated the practice of law in last year.

'The Weight of the World Was Upon Them'
The Colorado Constitution's physically impressive presentation in the Supreme Court Law Library mirrors the magnitude of the process required to craft it.

Client Protection Fund Approves Nearly $14,000 in Claims Last Quarter
With the board's action, it has dispersed just under $5.3 million since 1999.