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Have no fear, vignettes are here!

Professionalism Coordinating Council (PCC) announces new and improved vignettes just in time for Professionalism Month


By Catherine "Cat" Shea


Happy Legal Professionalism Month from the CBA/DBA Professionalism Coordinating Council!


As you may know, the Council’s mission is the active promotion of professional conduct and civility by and among attorneys throughout the state. To that end, the Council is pleased to offer the presentation of short videos from its Vignette Series, which focuses on real-life examples of unprofessional, uncivil, and unethical attorney conduct and the standards for attorney professionalism that apply to such negative and counterproductive behavior.


We are very excited to announce that an updated set of vignettes, including 14 new videos, has been produced and is now available for presentations (for which CLE credit is available), as well as private study. The original Vignette Series featured 24 videos and also remains available for viewing or presentations.


Categories include:


The new vignettes, which will be available for viewing by members online via the CBA website and on thumb drives, tackle traditional and emerging practice issues that both transactional attorneys and litigators routinely face. As with the first set of vignettes, these new videos will be used in statewide meetings of attorneys, judges, and citizens to generate discussion about how to remedy unprofessional behavior by attorneys.


The Vignette Series has consistently generated productive, stimulating, and beneficial conversations among participants in the legal system, frequently leading to constructive changes in behavior for attorneys and judges. They elevate awareness of unprofessional conduct and foster candid and productive discussions among members of the bench and bar about the quality, standards, and methods for improving attorney conduct and professionalism.


Even if you’re not a member of the CBA or DBA, the Council can provide speakers, either individually or in teams, to present the vignettes, lead discussions, and guide vignette-based sessions to assist you in recognizing and confronting unprofessional conduct. We can even tailor our programs to meet the needs of your particular audience!


Please contact Amanda Ringley at the CBA (303) 824-5327 or for assistance in organizing and scheduling your educational program or for questions about the substance of the vignettes.


Finally, Council members will attend the upcoming admission ceremony to welcome Colorado’s newest group of attorneys to the bar on Monday, October 30, 2017, at 3:30 p.m. at Boettcher Concert Hall. Please join us in communicating the importance of professionalism to our new colleagues and renew your commitment by joining them in taking the oath of admission.


Catherine "Cat" Shea is Assistant Regulation Counsel in the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel.