Colorado Supreme Court

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

Promoting Professionalism. Protecting the Public.

Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Regulation Counsel.

Annual Salary: $172,194, plus state benefits.

Brief Description

The position of Supreme Court Attorney Regulation Counsel is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Colorado Supreme Court pursuant to CRCP Rule 202.4, 227, 231, 251.3, 251.32(b), 252.7 and 260 (and proposed rule 250.4).

Attorney Regulation Counsel assists the Court in regulating all aspects of the practice of law in Colorado. Attorney Regulation Counsel maintains and oversees several permanent offices, including the Office of Admissions, the Office of Attorney Registration and Continuing Legal and Judicial Education, and the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. Within these offices, Attorney Regulation Counsel handles attorney admissions, attorney registration, mandatory continuing legal and judicial education, proactive educational programs and services, attorney discipline and diversion, administration of the Attorneys’ Fund for Client Protection, regulation of the unauthorized practice of law, outreach, and inventory counsel matters.

Minimum Education and Experience requirements:

Bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctorate. Admission to the practice of law in Colorado. A minimum five years of trial experience. A minimum five years of management-level administration, preferably in regulatory fields, with training responsibilities. Excellent written and oral communication skills, with substantial experience in public speaking and teaching. Significant experience in dealing with difficult personalities, and demonstrated de-escalation skills. A demonstrated and verifiable reputation for integrity. Knowledge and experience with the Rules of Professional Conduct and Rules of Civil Procedure. Significant knowledge of investigative methods and procedures. A genuine interest in promoting the public interest and improving the legal profession.

For more information on job duties, see attached job description.

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