Colorado Supreme Court

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

Promoting Professionalism. Protecting the Public.

Organizational Values Statement

The employees of the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel strive to carry out the Supreme Court’s regulatory objectives with professionalism, integrity and fairness, while helping, informing, and educating all of our constituents at every opportunity.

In doing so, we have formally adopted the following values:

Be Professional and Respectful
We commit to being professional, respectful and courteous in our interactions with members of the public, attorneys, applicants, court personnel, and others. We endeavor to model the behavior we want to see in the legal profession.

Act with Integrity in All That We Do
We conduct ourselves with integrity in upholding the rules and procedures that govern lawyers and the practice of law, as well as our own internal rules and procedures that ensure we meet our regulatory objectives. We seek to maintain the public’s trust through our actions.

Be Fair and Reasonable
We understand that the people who are seeking our help or trying to respond to our concerns may be struggling in their lives. We understand there are two sides to every story. We commit to serving the public and the legal profession in a manner that is fair and reasonable within the scope of our authority and our regulatory objectives.

Be Responsive to Concerns and Questions
We know every phone call, letter or email is important to the caller or sender. We endeavor to respond to concerns and questions with accurate information in a professional manner.

Be Timely and Efficient
We know that a timely response to complaints, applications, and requests is valuable to everyone involved. We strive to be efficient in addressing the issues that are brought to our attention while ensuring we are thorough in our work.