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Email phishing attack targets lawyers

Messages purporting to notify attorneys of a disciplinary action contain Ransomware.


Summer 2016


The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel has become aware of an email phishing scam targeting attorneys in many states including Colorado. Emails are being sent to lawyers purporting to notify them of disciplinary action. The email may contain the subject line “Bar Complaint” or similar language. The email instructs the lawyer to click on a link or attachment. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING WITHIN THE EMAIL. The links and/or attachments contain Ransomware. Delete the email immediately from both your inbox and your deleted folder.


The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel does not notify attorneys of disciplinary complaints via email. If this office has received a complaint about an attorney, our staff will notify the attorney by telephone or U.S. mail. If you have any questions about an email purporting to be from our office, please call us directly at (303) 457-5800.


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