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Completing a demographic survey landing soon in your inbox will help Colorado's legal profession stay relevant in a diversifying world.

Summer 2016

To stay relevant in a diversifying world, our profession must reflect the people we hope to serve. Take a moment this week to help us toward that goal.

In a few days, you will receive an email from the Chief Justice's Commission on Professional Development. The email will contain a link to the 2016 Demographic Survey. Please fill it out to help us understand the diversity of our current legal profession and create a baseline in our efforts to improve diversity. The survey takes five minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

The online survey will collect demographic data on gender, race, ethnicity, LGBT status, disability status, and veteran status. The information will help identify over/under-representation of diverse attorneys and assist in creating pipeline and recruitment programs for underrepresented students and attorneys.

When you receive the email later this week, please take a moment to complete the survey. Thank you for your participation.