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Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel unveils new website
New resources are aimed at helping attorneys improve their practice and the public better understand the legal community.

By JAMES C. COYLE, Attorney Regulation Counsel
Spring 2016

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel new website, unveiled this spring, is a reflection of the Office’s continued efforts to promote professionalism and protect the public.

The website at includes numerous resources intended to help attorneys be better attorneys and help members of the public better understand how to navigate the legal community.

The Office, for instance, developed a guide to “Hiring and Working with Your Attorney” that educates people on what to expect when engaging a lawyer. Another page consolidates links to services that may help those who can’t afford traditional legal representation. And there is an entire section with practice management resources for attorneys, including tools such as the Self-Audit Checklist, a link to ethics opinions, and downloadable registration forms for the Office’s Trust Account School.

The easy-to-navigate interface aims to help our 30,000-50,000 monthly visitors find their way to their intended site location quickly.

The site was designed using the latest in advanced web development tools and languages, including HTML5, CSS 3.0, and Active Server Pages. By using the latest in JavaScript, the site will format to any current electronic device such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Phase two projects include calendars for upcoming events in each department, pop-up charts for attorney demographics, portals to self-assessment forms that lawyers can use and legal check-up forms for consumer use, and videos to explain the office processes and for other educational purposes.

James C. Coyle serves as Attorney Regulation Counsel for the Colorado Supreme Court.