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Board of Law Examiners – Character and Fitness Committee

The Character and Fitness Committee is composed of attorney and non-attorney members who serve at the pleasure of the Colorado Supreme Court for a term of seven years. The Committee is charged with enforcing the character and fitness standards set forth in C.R.C.P. 208 in the review of applications for admission to practice law in Colorado.

Board Roster
Board Roster printable PDF

Brian Zall, Chair

Porya Mansorian, Vice Chair

Robert L. Atwell, Ph.D.

Nicole Bartos

David Beller

Philip A. Cherner

Lilith Zoe Cole, Ph.D.

The Honorable Terry Fox

Daniel Graham

Melinda M. Harper

Velveta Golightly-Howell

John A. Jostad

Barbara Kelley

Kevin P. Kimery

Jordan Laroe, M.D.

The Honorable Lyudmyla Lishchuk

Tammy Eret Lynch

Kelly A. Manchester

Habib Nasrullah

Dana R. Spade

Elizabeth Strobel

Sandra M. Thebaud, Ph.D.

Patricia Westmoreland, M.D.

Gwyneth Whalen

Angela D. White

Justice William W. Hood, III (Liaison)

Justice Maria E. Berkenkotter (Liaison)