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CLE Requirements

Initial Compliance Period

All attorneys admitted in Colorado must earn 45 general CLE credits, including 7 ethics credits, during each compliance period. C.R.C.P. 250.2. All CLE credits earned are to be reported to the Office of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education.

The first compliance period begins on the date of the attorney’s admission to practice law in Colorado, and ends on December 31 of the third full calendar year following the year of admission.

Subsequent Compliance Periods

Subsequent compliance periods begin on January 1 and end on December 31 of the third full calendar year.

Reporting CLE Credits

To report credits earned through a Colorado program, the sponsor of the program will provide the Affidavit that contains a course ID number. You will use the CLE online affidavit system to enter the course ID number and report the credits you’ve earned. If you do not have a course ID, courses can be looked up by course date and sponsor through the online affidavit system.

Affidavits can be mailed in but will not be accepted by email or fax.

You should keep a record of all accredited courses you attend.  To determine which courses have received accreditation, consult the list of accredited courses. You may also view a copy of your current transcript by using the online affidavit system.

***Attorneys admitted by On Motion or UBE, or as a Single Client, Judge Advocate, Military Spouse, or Law Professor must complete the required professionalism course within six months of their admission.

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