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Admissions Ceremony & Oath of Admission

The Office of Attorney Registration administers the Oath of Admission weekly via Zoom to pre-registered individuals who have been cleared for admission; these ceremonies are for On Motion, UBE Score Transfer, and Exam applicants. Do not come to our Office to take the Oath of Admission; the Office is not accepting walk-ins.

Procedures for Registering to Take the Oath of Admission and Required Documentation:

You must complete the online registration process to be assigned to an Admissions Ceremony. Do not register to take the Oath of Admission until you have been cleared for admission by the Attorney Admissions Office. Please do not come to our Office to register for a ceremony or to take the Oath of Admission in-person.

If your Clearance Letter/Notice issued by the Office of Attorney Admissions is MORE than 90 days old from the date of issuance, you must fill-out and submit this Questionnaire at that time you register to take the Oath. Please submit the completed Questionnaire to and in your email with this document note whether you have already registered for a ceremony.

For applicants being admitted by EXAM: please note that bar exam scores (from date of issuance of bar results) and compliance with the Mandatory Professionalism Course (attendance date of the course) are each valid for 18 months. If you have exceeded this timeframe, you will not be allowed to take the Oath and will be directed to follow-up with the Office of Attorney Admissions for further guidance.

Admissions ceremonies via Zoom take place every Thursday, with some exceptions. If you have questions regarding the scheduling of a ceremony, please contact

Ceremonies will be streamed live on YouTube for family and friends to view. We will provide a link to the YouTube channel to share with your family and friends once the online registration is complete. Therefore, please do not forward your specific invitation for the ceremony to anyone, as this is a unique login for just the approved individual. After each ceremony, our Office will confirm attendance and activate your license accordingly.

Registering for a Ceremony:

For individuals that have been cleared to take the oath of admission by the Office of Attorney Admissions, please click here to register for the next remote ceremony.

DO NOT register for an admissions ceremony in anticipation of being cleared for admission; please only sign-up once you have been cleared for admission. Anyone who signs-up prior to being cleared for admission will NOT be processed.

Once our Office receives your completed submission (including online payment of fee by credit card), our Office will confirm approval of your clearance to take the Oath of Admission and then provide by email an invitation with instructions to attend the next ceremony. This is a manual approval process; please allow 24 – 48 hours for receipt of confirmation of your registration and assignment to a ceremony. Please plan ahead accordingly.

The Oath of Admission can be found here on our website.

Administration of the Oath by an Approved Judicial Officer:

If you wish to have the Oath of Admission administered to you by an approved judicial officer (and not via the Office’s Zoom ceremony), please contact our Office at Please note that judges who are retired, and are not on Senior Status or otherwise hold a state or federal judicial position, may not administer the Oath of Admission. Approval for this process can take a few days, timing depending on whether all documentation has been properly filled-out, received and processed by our Office, and an Order issued approving that the designated judicial officer may administer the Oath to you. Please plan accordingly. Once the Order has been issued for a designated judicial officer to administer the Oath, you cannot change the judicial officer without receiving an updated Order.


If you have any questions regarding clearance by the Office of Attorney Admissions, and/or expiration of your bar exam scores, clearance letter, or mandatory professionalism course, please contact your licensure analyst through your CiviCore Applicant Portal or email the Admissions Office at For any further questions on registering for one of the remote ceremonies, please contact