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Status Change Requests

If you are changing your status at the beginning of the calendar year before registration fees are due, you may change your status in conjunction with your online annual registration.

If you are changing your status after your registration fees have been paid for the current year, please see the instructions below.

Active to Inactive

In order to go on inactive status, mail, email or fax a Status Change Form to our office. We will make the change in your file and notify the Continuing Legal Education Office of your status change. You are not subject to the continuing legal education requirements of C.R.C.P. 250 while on inactive status. If you remain on inactive status for at least one year, then return to active status, you will begin a new CLE compliance period. You may remain on inactive status for as long as you wish. Your firm may still list you as being admitted in Colorado, since you are, even while on inactive status. However, inactive status means that you are not authorized to practice Colorado law. The annual registration fee for inactive status is $160.00 per year, but inactive attorneys over the age of 65 are exempt from paying any registration fees while on inactive status. You must continue to keep the Office of Attorney Registration apprised of your current address and other information. You must continue to complete and file the annual registration statement.

Inactive to Active

In order to go on active status, please mail a Status Change Form to our office along with your payment. No testing is required.

A confirmation of the status change will not be mailed to you. You can check your status online by looking yourself up on attorney search.

Changes to Your Annual Registration

Changes to your affirmed registration statements which include child support, COLTAF account information and malpractice insurance coverage can be mailed in using the Compliance Statement form found on this page.


If you have been suspended for failure to pay Supreme Court registration fees and wish to reinstate your license to active or inactive status, you may do so by paying a reinstatement fee of $200.00 and paying all arrearages to the date of the request for reinstatement. See C.R.C.P. 227(5)(a). To request a statement, contact the Office of Attorney Registration. If you have been suspended for failure to comply with continuing legal education requirements, please contact the Office of Continuing and Legal Education at (303) 928-7771.


If you no longer wish to be a licensed attorney in Colorado, you must petition the Colorado Supreme Court by mailing a written request to resign. Pursuant to Rule 227A(8), resignation is available only if there is no disciplinary or disability matter or order pending against you. You must tender your original wall certificate (certificate of admission) with the petition of resignation, as well as any Supreme Court registration cards still in your possession. Once granted, an order will be issued and mailed to you for your records. If the Colorado Supreme Court grants your request you will not be eligible for reinstatement or transfer to active or inactive status and may be admitted to the practice of law in Colorado only by complying with Rule 203 regarding admission.

Change Your Information

Address Changes

You are required to notify the Office of Attorney Registration of a change of address, or any other change in your registration, within 28 days of such change, under C.R.C.P. 227. You may notify the office in writing by sending a letter, marking the changes on the annual statement for registration fees, or by using the change of address form. You may also contact us by email to report any changes.

Updating the Office of Attorney Registration does not update the CBA or any other organization.

Changes to a License Held in Another State

Updates can be sent by email to the Office of Attorney Registration.

Name Changes

You may mail, email or fax a written request to our office that includes: your registration number, your old name and your new name. You must include a photocopy of the court order (marriage license, divorce decree, etc.) along with your request. This document does not need to be certified or notarized. We will then mail you a court order reflecting the change has been made with the Office of Attorney Registration.

Member Type Changes

Changes to your Type of Practice can be sent by email to the Office of Attorney Registration. Changes cannot be made to attorneys admitted to practice under a limited license or authority.

Changes to Type of Practice

(Attorney Codes & Descriptions)

Change to Your Gender Record

Please contact our office at (303) 928-7800.

Birth Date Corrections

Please email the Office of Attorney Registration.