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The Application

All applications must be completed and submitted through the CiviCore™ Application Management System (AMS). All applicants must obtain a unique identification number from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) as part of the application process. You can obtain your NCBE number here.

Application Instructions and Fees

See a sample application here.


Application Fees

All fees must be paid electronically at the time your application is submitted.  Application fees are subject to change without notice.

All fees, including late filing fees, are assessed according to the date your application is electronically submitted.

Application fees submitted electronically and rejected as unpaid for "insufficient funds, closed account, or stop payment" will be deemed not timely filed.  

For bar examination applications, if declined or dishonored payments are resubmitted after the first filing deadline but no later than the last filing deadline a $200 late filing fee and a $30 service charge payment will be added to the amount due. Fees that are declined or dishonored and not resubmitted by the last day of the late filing period will not be accepted and the application will be denied as not timely filed.

Reapplication to Take the Colorado Bar Exam

If you previously submitted an application to take the Colorado Bar Examination using the CiviCore™ AMS, you may reapply by logging in to your application account and selecting the option for returning candidates to reapply. The AMS will prompt you to review and edit (if applicable) all information previously submitted. New forms must be completed each time you reapply. You must submit a newly signed, dated and notarized Authorization and Release and Statement of Verification, new fingerprints and a new driving record each time you reapply. Additional instructions are contained within the application.

Although reapplying for the Colorado bar exam is intended to be streamlined for returning candidates, completion of the application will still require significant time to complete properly. Accordingly, you should prepare your application well in advance of the deadline in order to avoid late filing fees.

The Office of Attorney Admissions will generally reject an application that does not conform to the rules, which then may require reapplication for a subsequent exam. Be certain to frequently check “Important Bar Exam Dates” for a schedule of exam dates, filing deadlines and other relevant dates related to the bar exam.

Fingerprint Submission Requirement

ATTENTION: The State of Colorado has adopted a new electronic fingerprinting process, Colorado Applicant Background Service (CABS), effective Monday 9/24/18 based on 2017 legislation. 


Two vendors have agreed to provide sites - including mobile locations - across Colorado where applicants can obtain their electronic fingerprints. The fingerprints will be submitted directly to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for processing.


Service Code: 25YFRV

To schedule an appointment in Colorado, contact Identogo at for locations and instructions.

Out-of-state applicants: Check availability of a local CABS compatible IdentoGO center by visiting, entering the Service Code 25YFRV and then clicking on the link for Locate an Enrollment Center. After reviewing whether there is a nearby center, click the "Done" button and then select "Schedule or Manage a Fingerprint Appointment" (if there was a nearby center).

If you are an out-of-state applicant and there is no Enrollment Center near you: Please call 1-844-321-2124; hours are Mon - Fri, 8am - 4:30 pm CST. Give the Service Code 25YFRV for Colorado Board of Law Examiners-Attorney Admissions and the operators can assist you in the correct process you should follow for getting your fingerprints.

Colorado Fingerprinting:

Unique CBI ID: 0400BARI

To schedule an appointment, contact Colorado Fingerprinting at for locations and instructions.

In addition to obtaining your electronic fingerprints from either IdentoGo or Colorado Fingerprinting, you are required to complete and upload the Fingerprint Requirement Form which can be found in your online application portal.