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Clearance to Take Oath of Admission and Admission On Hold Procedures

If you passed the Colorado Bar Examination your name will be listed here on the Alphabetical Pass List. Please read through the instructions below regarding next steps for taking the Oath of Admission so you may obtain your attorney license for Colorado.

Office of Attorney Registration

While the Office of Attorney Admissions handles processing of all exam applicants for admission in Colorado, it is the Office of Attorney Registration that handles the administration of the Oath of Admission and the issuing of attorney licensure. Once you have taken the Oath of Admission, the Office of Attorney Registration will create your official attorney record, your Colorado attorney ID, and issue your Colorado attorney ID card. Your admissions file is not linked to your attorney registration file. The Attorney Registration record is THE official record for the State of Colorado for all licensed attorneys in the state — please keep that in mind when you register to take the Oath of Admission, as all information you enter into the new attorney registration form will be used to create your Official attorney registration file.

What is your Legal Name? If you have not used your Legal Name (e.g., as represented on a government-issued ID, court documented name change, or marriage certificate) for your admissions file, it may create an issue once you register to take the Oath of Admission if it is not the name listed on a Clearance List or Clearance Letter. Please note that nicknames and aliases are not acceptable for your attorney registration record. If Attorney Registration is unable to locate your name on a Clearance Letter or Clearance List from the Admissions office, you may need to contact your licensure analyst to make any corrections/changes.

Cleared for Admission

Once you have located your name on the Pass List, log into your online application portal and click on your Bar Result Notice. If your status is “Cleared for Admission”, then you are cleared to register to take the Oath of Admission with the Office of Attorney Registration. On the day results are posted, the Admissions Office provides a “Cleared List” to the Office of Attorney Registration so they know that you have been authorized to take the Oath of Admission. To register to take the Oath of Admission, click here.

After an initial Cleared List is provided to the Office of Attorney Registration, subsequent clearances to take the Oath of Admission are by issuance of a “Clearance Letter.” Your name will not appear on the Cleared List that the Admissions Office sends to Attorney Registration if your Admission is “On Hold”. Please note that once the Cleared List is sent to Attorney Registration on the day the Exam Pass List is posted, Clearance Letters cannot be issued until the following day.

Admission “On Hold”

If your Bar Result Notice indicates your status is “Admission On Hold” then DO NOT register to take the Oath of Admission. Your registration will not be processed by the Office of Attorney Registration if they do not have a Clearance Letter on file for you or if your name does not appear on a Clearance List. You must review your Bar Result Notice and complete the required conditions before the Admissions Office can issue a Clearance Letter for you to take the Oath of Admission.

Your application for admission may be On Hold for any of the following reasons:

  1. Your application is incomplete. You have not submitted all required or requested documentation in order to complete the processing of your application. Such documentation may be necessary for finalizing your character and fitness review for admission. Please note, however, that once the required or requested documentation is received, additional review and evaluation of your application may still be necessary. Do not assume that submission of such documentation results in an automatic clearance for admission.

  2. Your application is pending review by the Office of Attorney Admissions’ Character and Fitness Committee (“Committee”). The Committee may delay approval of your application while awaiting additional documentation, investigation or completion of an interview before an inquiry panel of the Character and Fitness Committee to discuss matters of concern. See C.R.C.P. 208 for information about character and fitness requirements. Additional information pertaining to Character and Fitness can be found here.

  3. You have not yet satisfied the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) requirement for admission. You may not have fulfilled this requirement because our Office does not have a record of your MPRE score, the score may be insufficient (scaled score of less than 85) and/or your score may be more than five years old from the date your application to take the bar exam was filed with the Office of Attorney Admissions. To register for the MPRE online, go to

  4. You have not yet satisfied the Mandatory Professionalism Course requirement. The Office of Attorney Admissions may have no record of your completion of this mandatory course or your course may have expired. Please note that this is not your professional responsibility law school course, but a one-day, six-hour class held by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel in conjunction with the Colorado Bar Association-CLE office. In accordance with C.R.C.P. 203.4(6) course attendance is valid for eighteen months following completion of this course.

    Please contact your licensure analyst through the Messaging Center if you have met this requirement but your record does not show compliance; please provide the course date you attended and our Office will be able to confirm attendance by checking the course roster for that date. If you do not recall when you attended the course, you should login to your CBA-CLE account here and click on the “CLE Dashboard” icon; your course history and the course materials are available in your Dashboard.

    If you have not yet met this requirement, you should register for the next available course. Course dates and registration are available online here. Do not register to take the Oath of Admission in anticipation of completing this course and prior to the issuance of a Clearance Letter; following course attendance, it can take 24 – 48 hours depending on volume to process all the course affidavits and issue clearance letters.

Issuance of Clearance Letters

Once your admission hold has been resolved, the Admissions Office will issue a Clearance Letter for you to take the Oath of Admissions and a copy forwarded to the Office of Attorney Registration. You will receive an email in your CiviCore account that you have been cleared for admission.

Please note that compliance with any outstanding issue does not result in an automatic clearance; your licensure analyst must still process all outstanding issues/documents and a clearance letter generated and signed by the appropriate authority. Do not register to take the Oath of Admission in anticipation of being cleared for admission; it causes extra work and frustration for the court clerks in the Attorney Registration Office trying to locate a clearance letter that does not yet exist. Please be patient and respectful. Our Office will work to have you cleared as quickly as possible once the Office has received what is required from you to resolve outstanding issues.