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Bar Examination FAQs

What are the bar exam filing deadlines?

February Exam
November 1; late filing through December 1.

July Exam
April 1; late filing through May 1. May 31st for unsuccessful applicants for the most recent February exam.

Applications, supplemental documents and applicable fees must be submitted through the CiviCore™ application management system (AMS).

An application is deemed filed on the date that the fee is paid and the application is submitted through the CiviCore™ AMS. Electronic submission of an exam application after December 1 for the February exam or May 1 for the July exam will be denied regardless of the day of the week on which the deadline falls.

Does Colorado allow courtesy seating for the purpose of obtaining a transferable UBE score?

No, Colorado only allows seating for bona fide applicants for the purpose of being admitted to practice law in Colorado. See the Statement of Verification in the Application Docs section of your online application for required certifications.

How do I receive a refund of my application fees?

Application fees are non-refundable.

I graduate from law school after the exam filing deadline. Can I still apply?

As long as you receive your first professional law degree (JD) before the first day of the exam you are eligible to file an application. However, you will not be cleared to sit for the exam until your law school is able to certify your graduation.

I will finish my academic JD requirements prior to the exam, but I will not receive my degree until the next scheduled ceremony. Can I still apply?

In very limited circumstances permission will be granted to sit for the exam prior to receiving your JD provided:

  • the law school is able to certify your successful completion of all JD academic requirements before the exam;
  • the law school is able to state the exact date on which your degree will be awarded; and
  • the law school is able to certify that your degree would have been awarded, but for the timing of the graduation ceremony.
  • Authorization to sit for the exam under these conditions must be requested when your application is filed.

    Why am I still not cleared to sit for the exam? I sent in all of my documents.

    Please carefully read the message in your message center and then review the 'Documents' section of your application for document status. All application documents must indicate an "Approved" status before you will be "cleared to sit" for the exam.

    Can I use my laptop to take the bar exam?

    Yes, but it requires pre-registration. Please review our bar exam website here for further details including instructions and deadlines for downloading the required software and registering your laptop.

    Will there be a place to stow my backpack, purse, computer case and/or other prohibited items?

    Generally, a separate area will be designated for stowing your personal belongings that are prohibited from the test room. However, depending upon the venue, we cannot ensure the safety or security of personal belongings. BRING NO VALUABLES.

    What if I need a break or need to use the rest room during the exam?

    Breaks are generally permitted at any time during the exam session. However, no extra time is granted for time lost taking a break or using the restroom.

    Do I need prior approval to bring medications or a medical device to the exam?

    If your condition requires a device or medical aid you must request a Courtesy Accommodation.

    Can your office recommend a bar review program?

    No, the Office of Attorney Admissions does not maintain information about or recommend bar review programs.

    When and how will I receive my bar exam results?

    Bar Exam results are generally announced approximately 10 weeks following the exam. Release dates are generally posted to the website as soon as they are known.

    The exact time of announcement varies. A pass list will be posted to the website as soon as the Colorado Supreme Court informs our office that the results have been approved for release. Several hours later, you will receive a message in your application account informing you that your bar exam score notice is available for download. These score notices are available for approximately 45 days, after which time a fee will be assessed to obtain a copy. We urge you to download and save a copy of this notice as soon as it becomes available in your application account.

    Notices will not be mailed. They will be posted electronically to your application account and are available to download and save for a limited period of time.

    Bar exam results will not be released until after the filing deadline for the next scheduled exam. If I fail the exam, will I be allowed to apply after the deadline?

    The filing deadline is generally extended for those who were unsuccessful on the most recent exam. Your bar result notice will inform you of the extended deadline in the event you do not succeed.

    What is the deadline for registering my laptop to use on the bar exam?

    The deadline changes with each exam administration. Please refer to our bar exam website for additional information here.

    Do you offer financial aid or a discount for financial hardship?

    The Office of Attorney Admissions is self-supporting and solely funded by application fees. We do not provide discounts, fee waivers or financial aid for any purpose.

    I have a degree from a foreign country. How do I know I am eligible?

    Foreign law school graduates must file a written Request for Determination of Eligibility to sit for the Colorado Bar Exam with the Office of Attorney Admissions before filing an application to take the exam. Please review the Foreign Law School Graduates section on our bar exam website here.

    See C.R.C.P. 203.4(3)(c)(i)-(iii).

    Must I take the MPRE?

    As of July 1, 2021, the rules pertaining to MPRE requirements changed. Please visit our MPRE page here.

    Must I take the Mandatory Professionalism Course before I am admitted?

    For more information about the Professionalism Course click here.

    When can I take the oath of admission?

    Exam applicants may not take the oath of admission until on or after the date of the admission ceremony.

    Passing bar exam results are valid for 18 months from the date the results are announced. You must take the oath of admission within this time frame. After such time, your results expire. You may not take the oath of admission based upon expired scores. See C.R.C.P. 211.3.

    How do I transfer my MBE score?

    Colorado does not accept the transfer of MBE scores from other jurisdictions.

    If you wish to transfer an MBE score achieved in Colorado to another jurisdiction, use the National Conference of Bar Examiners Score Transfer Services.

    How do I update a previous application for the Exam?

    If you previously submitted an application to take the Colorado Bar Exam using the CiviCore AMS, you may reapply by logging in to your CiviCore application account and selecting the option for returning candidates to reapply. The AMS will prompt you to review and edit (if applicable) all information previously submitted. New forms must be completed each time you reapply. You must submit a newly signed, dated and notarized Authorization and Release and Statement of Verification, new fingerprints and new driving record each time you reapply. Additional instructions are contained within the CiviCore application.

    If your previous application has been closed due to withdrawal, failure of the bar exam, abandonment, or other reasons, you will need to reapply. The system will save certain data (i.e. residence, employment, references, etc.), but other information will need to be completed again.

    How do I know if my bar exam score is a UBE score?

    A UBE score is one that is achieved on a bar exam taken in a Uniform Bar Exam jurisdiction. Scores for all three Multistate test components (MBE, MEE and MPT) must be achieved during the same exam administration. MBE scores from one exam administration or jurisdiction combined with written scores from another administration or jurisdiction are not considered valid UBE scores for purposes of score transfers. The first administration of the Colorado UBE was February 2012. Scores achieved on exams prior to that date are not valid UBE scores.

    How do I withdraw an application?

    An application for the exam may be filed and subsequently withdrawn by submitting written notification to the Office of Attorney Admissions. For instructions on how to withdraw your application, please click here.

    What is the Uniform Bar Exam?

    Colorado is a Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) jurisdiction. The exam consists of the written portions Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) and Multistate Performance Test (MPT) and the multiple choice portion Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

    Are fingerprints required in order to sit for the exam?

    A completed Fingerprint Requirement Form must be uploaded to your application account. You will be cleared to sit for the exam as long as the form has been completed and noted as “Approved” in your application account.

    Does “Approval” of my fingerprints mean my criminal history background check has been approved?

    No. This means only that you uploaded the Fingerprint Requirement Form to your application account

    Do I really need an extension cord for my laptop at the exam?

    Every computer seat assignment will have an electrical outlet. We encourage you to bring a surge protector (with multiple outlets) which often provides sufficient cord length for reaching the outlet or alternatively, a short extension cord is generally sufficient. We are unable to be more specific as the need varies depending upon your seat location and the placement of the outlets.

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