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Documents FAQs

Am I cleared to sit for the exam and receive my admission badge?

All documents listed under “Application Docs” in the Required Documents’ section of your application must reflect a status of APPROVED in order to be cleared to sit for the exam. In some cases documents are insufficient because they were not completed in accordance with the instructions. You are urged to check your application account frequently to determine the status of a document.

What do all the document statuses mean?

Not Submitted
No document has been submitted/uploaded via the application system.

A document has been submitted/uploaded via the application system but has not yet been reviewed.

Pending Review
The document has not yet been completely reviewed and determined to be sufficient.

The document submitted does not meet the requirements set forth in the application instructions and/or "Doc Info" instructions associated with that particular document. You must review the document requirements and resubmit the document in question unless you receive other instructions from staff.

This is a duplicate of a document that was uploaded to another document placeholder. No further action is required.

The document may be a duplicate of a document that was insufficient, resubmitted and is now approved; or it is not exactly the document that was requested but it is acceptable. The document has been reviewed and no further action is required.

Awaiting Original Doc
The document is approved and acceptable based upon electronic review, but the original hard copy must also be received by the Office of Attorney Admissions.

The document is what was requested and is approved. No further action is required.

May I fax my documents and information?

Only under limited circumstances, when specifically instructed by staff to do so. Most documents must be uploaded to your web-based application. In addition, many uploaded documents must also be submitted in hard copy. Please refer to the application document instructions for specifics about particular required documents.

How can I confirm receipt of my application materials?

All application materials are acknowledged through the application management system. Our goal is to accurately and completely review your application and documents as soon as possible after receipt of materials. In acknowledging receipt of your application materials, you will also be advised of items that remain outstanding. Staff will not confirm receipt of materials by telephone as this not only compromises the confidentiality of the application process, but also delays the review and confirmation of those materials.

Must I submit a Law School Graduation Certificate if I went to a law school in Colorado?

No. The University of Colorado and Denver University will provide the names of all students who graduated and who are taking the Colorado bar exam. But you must inform the registrar's office that you are taking the exam so they will know to send us a certification of your graduation.

Why is it taking so long for my law school to send my graduation certificate?

It takes several weeks following receipt of grades for the law school registrars to certify the graduation of their students. If you have informed your law school that you are taking the Colorado Bar Exam, provided the blank Certificate of Graduation, and informed them that we need proof of your graduation, be patient.

Why do I need to submit my fingerprints?

They are part of a fingerprint-based criminal history check. New fingerprints are required with each application submission, including reapplication. Please read all of the information regarding the Fingerprint Submission Requirement

How do I submit the required fingerprints?

New fingerprints are required with each application submission, including reapplications. Please read all of the information regarding the Fingerprint Submission Requirement.


Must my driving record be certified?

A driving record need not be “certified.” However, it must be an official copy issued by the agency responsible for maintaining driving records for the state and must cover at least a three-year history. Records issued by a third party vendor or records that are more than 30 days old at the time they are submitted will not be accepted. Further, jurisdictions may use different terms for the required document, and there is a distinction between a driving record and a driver history. A driving record will contain your driving history over a certain period of time and provides details about traffic accidents, violations, suspensions, and more; a driver history is simply a document containing personal information including your license status, vital data, classifications, endorsements, and expiration date. You must provide a driving record, not a history.

What is a Sworn Affidavit and is there a specific form required?

An affidavit is a written statement of facts voluntarily made by an affiant under oath or affirmation administered by a person authorized to do so by law. There is no specific form for this purpose. However, it must contain the required jurat. Learn more about affidavits.

I have received a deficiency notice that requests a response within 10 days of receipt and I am outside the 10 days. Will I be penalized for submitting my documents now?

While there is no official penalty for submitting documentation beyond the requested 10-day window, a delayed response will hinder the review process and likely lead to an increased wait time for the applicant. If you are unable to produce the requested materials within the 10-day period, a response acknowledging the request and an estimated time to produce is sufficient.

What do I do if the court, police department, or creditor tells me no record is available?

If the agency indicates that a record is not available, you must obtain a letter or other documentation from the agency indicating that the record is no longer available.

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