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General Information FAQs

Does Colorado allow courtesy seating for the purpose of obtaining a transferable UBE score?

No, Colorado only allows seating for bona fide applicants for the purpose of being admitted to practice law in Colorado. See the Statement of Verification for required certifications.

Once my application is approved, what must I do to obtain my license?

You must register with the Office of Attorney Registration, pay the required fee and take the Oath of Admission to be sworn in as an attorney licensed to practice law in Colorado.

How do I register for the Admission Ceremony?

If you passed the bar exam, information will be posted on our website under Bar Exam Results explaining the pre-registration requirements for participation in the Admission Ceremony.

Can anyone participate in the Admission Ceremony?

No. A ceremony is held for those who passed the most recent bar exam. Pre-registration is required. Successful Colorado bar exam candidates from earlier exam administrations, as well as On Motion and UBE Score Transfer applicants must take the oath of admission individually through the Office of Attorney Registration.

Can I take the Oath of Admission after the ceremony is held?

Yes. If you are an exam applicant, you may take the oath of admission up to 18 months following the announcement of your bar results.

Can I bring guests to the Admission Ceremony?

Yes. Check with the Office of Attorney Registration to determine whether there is a limit on the number of guests permitted.

My law degree is from a non-ABA accredited law school. Am I eligible to apply for admission in Colorado?

A first professional law degree (JD or LLB) received from an ABA accredited law school is required for admission On Motion and UBE Score Transfer. You may be eligible to sit for the bar exam provided you meet additional requirements set forth in C.R.C.P. 203.4(3)(b) or (c).

I was previously denied admission in Colorado for character and fitness reasons. May I reapply?

You are not eligible to reapply until five years after the date of the Court Order denying your admission unless the Court Order states otherwise. See also, C.R.C.P. 211.2.

How do I apply?

All applications for On Motion, UBE Score Transfer, and Exam must be completed and submitted through the CiviCore™ Application Management System (AMS). To access the application select “Admission Types” then select the application type you wish to file (On Motion, UBE Score Transfer or Exam), then click on the “Application” link. A sample copy of the complete bar application and supporting forms is available to view and print from this website.

Can I obtain a copy of a prior bar application?

Photocopies of your application are not available. However, you may print a copy of your application from your candidate home page. Select the "print application" button. You are urged to print and save a copy of the entire application and all uploaded documents for future reference as application submissions are available to save or print for a limited time only.

I am applying for admission in another jurisdiction and they want a copy of my Colorado bar application. What should I do?

If another jurisdiction requires that you submit a copy of your Colorado bar application, an Application Certificate containing all pertinent information in lieu of the application forms will be provided. To request an Application Certificate, submit to the Office of Attorney Admissions a written request with payment of $25 for each certificate. Include in your request, your name, full mailing address, email and telephone number. Indicate the type of application you filed (On Motion, UBE Score Transfer or Exam) date(s) of exam(s) if applicable, the approximate date your application was filed, and the complete name and mailing address of the jurisdiction to which you are applying. Include any special instructions or specific information which may be required for the certificate and specifically indicate the name and address to whom the certificate should be mailed. Certificate requests take approximately two to three weeks to complete.

Will my background investigation be completed in time to participate in the Admission Ceremony?

We strive to complete all investigations for exam applicants prior to the date the exam results are released. Your prompt response to requests for incomplete information or additional documentation will assist in the timely completion of the investigation.

I have a complaint pending against me as an attorney in another jurisdiction. Will this affect my pending application in Colorado?

Yes. Further processing of your application will be suspended until the complaint has been resolved. If the complaint results in suspension from the practice of law for disciplinary reasons, in most cases your application will be closed without completion. A new application may be filed upon reinstatement and proof of Good Standing in all jurisdictions in which admitted. C.R.C.P. 203.1(7). This is true whether you are suspended for disciplinary reasons or administratively suspended for failure to comply with CLE or to pay annual registration fees.

When may I file my bar exam application?

September 1 for the February Exam and February 1 for the July exam.

I am suspended from the practice of law in another jurisdiction. Am I eligible to apply in Colorado?

You are not eligible for admission On Motion or UBE Score Transfer unless you are in "good standing" in all jurisdictions in which you are admitted. This is true whether you are suspended for disciplinary reasons or administratively suspended for failure to comply with CLE or to pay annual registration fees. See C.R.C.P. 203.2(1)(d) and C.R.C.P. 203.3(1)(c).

I am disbarred in another jurisdiction; can I apply for admission in Colorado?

No. Attorneys who have been disbarred and who have not been reinstated to the practice of law will not be admitted in Colorado. See C.R.C.P. 203.1(6).

What is an NCBE Number?

The NCBE number is a unique identification number issued by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).This number will follow you throughout your legal career and is used to identify LSAT, bar exam, and MPRE scores. This number is required of all persons applying for admission to practice law in Colorado.

Are you going to contact all of the references I include in my application?

Yes. All references, employers and former employers will be contacted via the email address you provide for each individual. Every effort should be made to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate email address for each individual listed. If an email address is not available a letter will be sent by U.S. Mail to the address indicated. Incomplete email and address information will significantly delay the completion of your character and fitness investigation and also delay your approval for admission to practice law in Colorado.

May I fax or email a letter of reference for an applicant for admission?

The preferred method of return is via the email communication you received. This will ensure that the response is appropriately logged as complete. You may also mail a copy of your response to the Office of Attorney Admissions, 1300 Broadway, Suite 520, Denver Colorado 80203 or fax to (303) 501-1147.

I am unable to open the link in the email you sent concerning a reference for an applicant. What should I do?

In some cases the recipient's email server will disable or modify the link so that it does not function. Try forwarding the email inquiry to an alternative email address or accessing your email account using a different provider.

How long will it take me to complete the application?

The application is detailed and requires you to provide substantial historical information. It may take several weeks to gather this information and complete the application forms. Supplemental documents (i.e. driving records, Certificates of Standing, etc.) are not subject to filing deadlines; however, the sooner you provide all of the required and requested materials, the sooner your investigation will be completed.

How do I pay my application fee by paper check?

Application fees are accepted only by credit card or electronic fund transfer. Paper Checks will NOT be accepted.

My law degree is from an on-line (distance learning) law school. Does it qualify under the rules?

There are currently no online or distance learning law schools accredited by the ABA and they do not qualify under any of Colorado's rules governing admission to the bar.

If I am not a United States citizen, do I have to provide documentation evidencing lawful presence in the United States?

You do not have to provide such documentation. That part of Question 20 of the Admission Application is being revised. You do need to state whether you have authorization by the United States Government to work in the United States.

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