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On Motion FAQs

Does Colorado share reciprocity with my jurisdiction?

As of July 1, 2021, the rules for On Motion eligibility changed and eliminated the need for reciprocity with other jurisdictions. Please reference our On Motion page here.

What if I don't qualify for admission On Motion or by UBE Score Transfer?

Persons who file an On Motion or UBE Score Transfer application, but who are not eligible to do so, may transfer the application to the next scheduled bar exam. No refunds will be given. A decision to transfer an On Motion application to the bar exam must be submitted in writing no more than 30 days following the determination that an On Motion application is non-qualifying.

How long will it take to process my On Motion application once it is submitted?

Application processing time varies with each application. If the information you have provided is complete, accurate and responsive to the questions and all required documentation is received in a timely fashion it will take approximately six (6) to eight (8) months after your application has been accepted for processing. For information regarding the practice of law in Colorado while your application is pending, please refer to Practice Pending Admission licensure

To ensure the quickest processing of your application, provide complete and accurate information to all questions. Contact your references and employers and ask them to promptly respond to our inquiries. Provide accurate email addresses in order to expedite the reference and employment verification process. Promptly respond to all requests for information received from this office. Review your application account frequently for updates to your document statuses. Refrain from sending unnecessary or premature inquiries regarding the status of your application or submitted documents. You will receive a deficiency notice and request for additional information or documentation once the staff has thoroughly reviewed your application and recorded all documentation in your account.

Am I eligible for admission On Motion if I previously failed the Colorado bar exam?

Failing the Colorado bar exam does not preclude your eligibility for admission On Motion at some point in the future.

Am I eligible for admission On Motion if a previous Colorado application was not accepted?

Yes. If your application for admission On Motion is not accepted because you do not meet the requirements, you may reapply at any time in the future when you believe you have met those requirements.

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