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Are You Handling Client Funds Correctly?

Trust Account School can help any attorney maintain their money the right way.


Fall 2014

Money is at the core of many complaints filed with the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. Last year alone, the office received 398 complaints about fees or mishandling of client funds. For many of the attorneys involved in those cases, the mistake is simply not knowing the rules.

Luckily, this office offers a half-day class aimed at teaching lawyers everything they need to know on the issue. Trust Account School is held four times a years and is open to any attorney. The class is taught by attorneys with the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. It’s interactive and provides ample time for discussion and questions. (Looking for more incentive to sign up? We serve breakfast.)

Trust Account School is part of this office’s proactive effort to help attorneys practice ethically and efficiently. For a list of upcoming classes and to register, go online here.

Margaret Funk is Deputy Regulation Counsel with the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel and teaches a portion of the office’s Trust Account School.