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Raising the bar on exam prep
The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel will soon post a series of videos answering questions about the entire bar exam process -- from before the exam to during the exam to after the exam.


Sometimes knowing what to expect can alleviate the stress of a high-stakes test.

That's certainly true for the Colorado Bar Exam. In the months leading up to the exam, our office fields all manner of questions about the application process and the logistics of the test itself. Am I approved to sit for the exam? Where do I park? How do I register my laptop? What�s the temperature at the site? Can I wear my lucky hoodie? (The answer is "no" to the last question, by the way.)

To address these concerns, we will soon offer a series of short videos answering some of the most common questions. These orientation videos are tentatively scheduled to be posted by Jan. 10, 2017 and will cover the entire bar exam process including issues arising before the exam, during the exam, and after the exam.

Please check back to the admissions page on our website for updates on the video series. If you know someone taking the exam, pass that link along. If you are an examinee yourself, take some time to check it out.

Also, bar exam admission badges will be mailed the first week of February. Please be sure your mailing address is updated in your bar application.

Susan Gleeson is the Director of Examinations in the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. She is one of the nation�s leading experts on administration of the bar exam.