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Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment Program

By Jonathan White
Professional Development Counsel

As the year comes to a close and a new one begins, perhaps you’d like to do some housekeeping in your practice. Maybe you’re looking for a refresher on practices that promote compliance with the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, and help you deliver excellent client service. Or maybe you seek additional ethics credits before the December 31 compliance period ends. Whatever situation applies to your practice, do not forget that the Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment Program offers Colorado lawyers a way to review their practice and claim three ethics and three general CLE credits doing so. This month, enhancements to the program’s content will reflect new rule requirements, and additional best practices on topics ranging from shared work spaces to succession planning. The Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment is more than a reminder of basic rule requirements. The lawyers and non-lawyers who developed the content sought to highlight best practices for running an efficient practice, responding to client needs, and addressing the access to justice gap. A section of the assessment also offers insights on ways to advance well-being and inclusivity in your practice. The Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment Program may be taken online or through a print PDF form. Answers provided by a lawyer in the self-assessment are for a lawyer’s use only, are not reported to the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, and pursuant to C.R.C.P. 256, are not admissible in any lawyer discipline or disability proceeding. For more information and to take the assessment, click here.