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Life, Love, and the Practice of Law

If your life scale is tipping heavily toward work and stress and away from play and relaxation, the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program may be able to help.


Summer 2013

Finding balance in our personal and professional lives is a challenge for busy professionals, but it is particularly difficult in the high-stress, fast-paced and, at times, isolating, practice of law. Competition, long hours, and high expectations meet us on a daily basis. The demands of work, family, and friends can slip out of balance before we know it.

We know what we are “suppose” to be doing:  taking care of ourselves and setting aside time for our important personal relationships. However, demanding schedules, deadlines, preparation for trial, and the relentless interruption of phones and email can become overwhelming, leaving little time and energy for friends, family, and the leisure parts of life. When work infringes on these important activities, it can result in stress, insomnia, anxiety, anger, depression, or overindulgence in alcohol and inappropriate use of drugs.

The truth is that scheduling time to relax and play will not only increase your health and overall well-being, it will also make you a better lawyer. 

How balanced is your life? Create the time for relaxation and play. For example: Schedule daily exercise into your calendar; schedule and take vacation and mental health days; join a monthly peer group; allow your family to schedule regular family activities and be there! The improvement in your work life may surprise you. 

Do you need help in making a positive change? Your Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program provides free and confidential services for judges, lawyers, and law students. If you need resources for ANY issue that is compromising your ability to be a productive member of the legal community, or if there is someone you are concerned about, contact COLAP at (303) 986-3345 or toll free at 1-855-208-1168. For more information about COLAP, please visit  

Barbara Ezyk, Esq. is the Executive Director of the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program.