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Taking the bar exam? This may help.

A new video orientation answers many of your burning questions about the February bar exam.


Winter 2016

The Colorado Bar Exam is the culmination of years of work. And you want it to go just right.

We at the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, in Attorney Admissions, understand that desire. In the months leading up to the exam, our office fields all manner of questions about the application process and the logistics of the test itself. Am I approved to sit for the exam? Where do I park? How do I register my laptop? What’s the temperature at the site? Can I wear my lucky hoodie?

To proactively address these concerns this year, we began offering a new resource. On January 20, I presented the “Colorado Bar Exam Orientation” inside the Colorado Supreme Court courtroom. The orientation answered many of the most common questions I’ve received in my 35 years as the Director of Examinations.

With the help of the Colorado Bar Association, we videotaped the presentation and have posted it on our website for all test-takers to review. If you know someone taking the exam, pass that link along. If you are an examinee yourself, take some time to check it out.

Susan Gleeson is the Director of Examinations in the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. She is one of the nation’s leading experts on administration of the bar exam.