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Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

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Attention Inactive Attorneys Over 65

Yes, you need to update your registration this year. No, you still don’t have to pay any fee.


Fall 2014

Inactive attorneys over age 65 who may not have received registration reminders in the past will soon receive a postcard directing you to provide updated information through the annual attorney registration process.

We ask that you fill that out. The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel seeks to keep all of the state’s active and inactive lawyers apprised of important developments. Maintaining a current database of all attorneys and their most up-to-date contact information, is vital to this effort.

Failure to the complete and return a registration statement may result in a summary suspension pursuant to 227A(4)(a).

As always, inactive attorneys over age 65 continue to be exempt from any fees associated with registration.

James C. Coyle is Attorney Regulation Counsel in the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel.