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Online CLE Affidavit System Up and Running

The new site will make it easier for attorneys to submit and track their continuing legal education courses.


Fall 2013

Last year, Colorado attorneys submitted 86,000 affidavits for continuing legal education courses. That’s 86,000 pieces of paper that the Office of Attorney Registration had to enter into the system by hand.

Those days are over. Earlier this year, the state launched its online affidavit system in an effort to increase accuracy, reduce staff data entry time and improve user-friendliness.

Now, attorneys can easily submit their CLE affidavits online. Lawyers log in at with their registration number and date of birth and then simply enter the CLE course identification number. With the online system, attorneys who lose the form provided at CLE programs can look up the course by name, by date or by sponsoring group, or they can manually enter the course name and credits. Attorneys also can monitor their transcript online. And, they will be notified more quickly by email if their credits are denied.

The new system isn’t the state’s only move toward digital concerning attorneys. The admissions process is also moving online and is part of a broader effort by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel to streamline how it assists attorneys throughout their career.

To see a step-by-step guide to using the new online CLE system, watch this short tutorial.

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