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Self-Audit Helps Solo and Small Practitioners

The checklist offers guidance on how to avoid common office management mistakes.


Fall 2013

Every year, the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel hears complaints about issues related to simple office management. Fees weren’t properly documented. Phone calls weren’t returned.

The problem is growing as more new lawyers, in the face of a weak job market, hang their own shingle without spending enough time on the front end to ensure proper management systems. What if there was a simple guide to avoiding these pitfalls?

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel has culled from other sources information to provide a tool that helps small law practices identify strengths and weaknesses of their office management. The self-audit checklist fosters a better understanding of the happenings within a law office. Armed with that knowledge, solo and small practitioners can take proactive steps to improve their practices.

Lawyers can download the self-audit checklist here.

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