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Registration and CLE Deadlines are Approaching

The Office of Attorney Registration also announces changes to CLE accreditation forms


Winter 2014                 

The rush of the holiday season has ended. Now it’s time for some housekeeping. The beginning of the year brings a few important notices from the Office of Attorney Registration.

·       Jan. 31 is the deadline for 2013 continuing legal education compliance periods

·       Feb. 28 is the deadline for 2014 registration renewals

·       There are some important changes to CLE course accreditation forms

Registration renewal

Postcard reminders for registration went out last month. In case you misplaced yours, here’s what you need to know.

Attorneys have until Feb. 28 to pay their annual fees. (A 2014 fee schedule can be seen here.) A $50 penalty will be assessed for any registration received after Feb. 28. An additional $100 penalty will be assessed for registrations received after March 31. (Postmarks will not be honored.)

Attorneys whose registration renewals are received after April 30 may be subject to administrative suspension.

Prevent penalty fees and possible suspension by registering online. Lawyers can log in here with their email address and date of birth.

Lawyers can also view a webinar of the online registration system.

CLE compliance

Attorneys with a 2013 CLE compliance period should have completed all courses by Dec. 31. If an attorney has not completed all courses by that date, he or she is subject to a $50 make-up plan fee.

If an attorney has not postmarked all affidavits of CLE courses or filed a make-up plan by Jan. 31, a $50 late affidavit fee may be assessed.

Skip the envelopes and stamps and easily submit affidavits online. Lawyers can log in at with their registration number and date of birth and simply enter the CLE course identification number. The online system also allows attorneys who’ve lost a CLE form to look up a course by name, date or sponsoring group.

View a step-by-step tutorial on using the new online CLE system.

CLE form changes

Forms related to CLE accreditation have undergone changes to better help applicants understand the rules surrounding CLE courses.

The new Form 1 reaffirms that in order for a CLE course to qualify for accreditation in Colorado, it must deal with a subject directly related to the practice of law. The new form also makes clear that any non-government agencies, such as law firms, must submit their application for the course 15 days to avoid delay or denial of accreditation.

The new Form 5 clarifies that teachers for CLE courses will not gain credit if the course itself is not accredited.

If you have any questions about CLE form changes or the upcoming deadlines, call the Office of Continuing Legal & Judicial Education at (303) 928-7771.

Elvia Mondragon is the Clerk of Attorney Registration and CLE Regulation.