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The course will teach you how to help other attorneys set up best practices so that they can meet their professional obligations.


Spring 2015

Attorneys looking to give back to their profession — and pick up some CLE credit — might consider the Practice and Financial Monitor Class.

Attendees will learn about the attorney regulation process, the role of practice and financial monitors, and the conditions under which they serve.

Monitors are integral to one of our regulation system’s central goals — to educate and rehabilitate. When appropriate, lawyers who have violated the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct are assigned a practice monitor or financial monitor. These monitors assist the attorney in adopting law office management systems and financial practices to help them stay on the right side of the rules of professional conduct.

The Practice and Financial Monitor Class helps train monitors for that task. The course is taught by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. For those interested, classes will be held Nov. 10 and Dec. 15. The cost of the program is only $50 and attendees are asked to volunteer as a monitor in a future attorney discipline matter.

Check back with CLE Colorado later this year for further details.