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General Application Instructions

All LLP exam applications must be submitted through an online portal. Late submitted applications will not be accepted. See “Important Deadlines for the LLP Exam.” The filing fee for an application is based on the application being timely filed; there is a late submission deadline and a late- filing fee is assessed at that time. No applications will be accepted after the “late submission” deadline.

When submitting the application, applicants need to submit certain required documents listed below under “Required Documents” for the application to be considered timely filed. The required filing fee will be paid through the online portal at the time of submission.

Once an application is submitted, the office will send an email to the applicant confirming receipt of the application using the primary email address provided on the application. Once an application is received by the office and a confirmation email sent to the applicant, the office will create a Citrix© Sharefile folder for each applicant. Only the applicant and the office staff assigned to the applicant will have access to that folder. To ensure security, the applicant should provide all other application documents through that ShareFile folder. The office recommends that applicants not email any confidential documents to the office, but use the ShareFile folder or mail/deliver the documents to the office in hardcopy.

Our office will use secure email to send an applicant questions regarding their responses to the character and fitness questions, as well as document deficiency notices. Exam information updates will be posted on the website and applicants will be notified of posted changes or updates via email.

Applicants have an ongoing duty to update their application with the Office of LLP Admissions through the date of licensure; updates would include, but not limited to, change in employment, change in address/name, change in child support obligations or failure to meet child support obligations, civil lawsuits, criminal arrests, and any other conduct related to the character and fitness questions. Changes to the primary email address is extremely important, as the primary email address is used by the office and the software provider so that the applicant can register their laptop to take the LLP exam and log into their testing software account profile. Additionally, the email is used for all communications from the office, as well as linked to the applicant’s ShareFile folder. The office therefore recommends that the applicant use an email address over which the applicant has control over use and access.

Testing Accommodations:

Applicants requesting testing accommodations should submit the required paperwork at or around the same time they submit their application to sit for the LLP exam. Directions and forms for requesting a testing accommodation can be found online here.

General Application Process:

[Specific information on the various pathways to be eligible to sit for the LLP exam can be found on our website here.]

Note: All electronically-submitted documents should be provided in PDF format; please do not submit jpeg, gif, or tiff formats.

Step One: Required Documents to be submitted with a completed LLP Exam Application by the filing deadline:

Step Two: Required Documents to be “Cleared to Sit” the LLP Exam:

Note: The Office of LLP Admissions cannot allow an applicant who has not demonstrated they have met the eligibility requirements to sit for the LLP exam. Therefore, the application will be closed by the office at the time of the determination and will notify the applicant. If the applicant desires to apply for a later LLP exam, the applicant will need to reapply by the deadlines for that future exam.

Step Three: Final items required to be “Cleared for Admission” after passing the LLP Exam: