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May 1: Application filing period opens for Nov. 2024 LLP Exam

June 6: Exam Results released to Applicants (April 2024 LLP Exam)

June 20: Swearing-In Ceremony (April 2024 Exam)

Aug. 2: Application filing deadline for Nov. 2024 LLP Exam

Sept. 6: LATE application filing deadline for Nov. 2024 LLP Exam (late fee applies)

Sept. 17: Applicant Agreement Deadline (Nov. LLP Exam)

Sept. 24: Laptop Registration Opens (Nov. LLP Exam)

Oct. 3: Informational LLP Exam Webinar (Nov. 2024 LLP Exam)

Oct. 29: Laptop Registration Closes (Nov. LLP Exam)

Nov. 12: LLP Exam – TBD (Nov. LLP Exam)

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November 2024 Colorado LLP Exam Administration Information

Exam Date: November 12, 2024

Exam Location: TDB

Important Dates & Deadlines: click here for a list of upcoming dates and deadlines